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Navigating the digital universe can be a daunting task, but fear not, for Spacebar Sorcery is here to assist you in your journey to conquer the online galaxy with 100% organic, done-by-a-sorcerer (talented social media manager) methods! NO bots!

Let Spacebar Sorcery Help You Conquer the Online Galaxy with 100% Organic Social Media Magic

Navigating the digital universe can be a daunting task, but fear not, for Spacebar Sorcery is here to assist you in your journey to conquer the online galaxy with 100% organic, done-by-a-sorcerer (talented social media manager) methods! NO bots!

Our team of social media sorcerers possess vast knowledge of the latest trends and techniques to help you create and implement enchanting strategies that will captivate your audience. We analyze your campaigns with the precision of a laser beam and develop creative tactics to boost your return on investment. Plus, our arsenal of powerful analytics tools will help you track your progress and adjust as needed.

But that’s not all! We’ll guide you to the perfect platforms to showcase your brand and identify the ideal times to broadcast your message. Our team of cosmic creatives can manage your content creation, schedule your posts, and even create custom graphics and videos to elevate your presence.

By entrusting us with your social media endeavors, you’ll save precious time and resources. Instead of struggling to navigate the complexities of social media alone, you can rely on our space magic to propel your brand to new heights.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of social media and become a true star in the online universe. Join forces with Spacebar Sorcery and let us help you conquer the digital cosmos!

We Skyrocket Your Following & Engagement with These Social Media Strategies

At Spacebar Sorcery, we offer businesses the power to cast a spell of social media success across the universe (ahem… your social networks)! Our team of magical social media experts can help businesses build and maintain a strong online presence on various social media platforms. With our wizardry skills, we’ll create and manage engaging content that supports your brand, objectives, and overall marketing strategy.

We start by learning how social media fits into your business goals, and then we plan the strategy and steps it takes to get your business there. With Spacebar Sorcery, you can expect social media magic that will elevate your business to new heights!

Social Media Coaching

Wizard’s Launchpad

Our basic entry-level plan includes a monthly strategy consultation, social media coaching, and basic training on social media analytics tools.

This is for clients who are new to social media or to launch their business presence with a strong foundation for social media best practices. This can be a great option for you if you are looking to save money by posting on social media yourself, but still need guidance and support.

The set-up fee goes toward the analysis of your audience and competition, so we can better inform your strategy.

Monthly Strategy Consultation

During a one-hour monthly strategy consultation, we can provide you with the following guidance:

  • Review your social media analytics to analyze your progress, identify trends, and recommend improvements.
  • Help you develop a broad content strategy for the upcoming month, including post frequency, content themes, and post types.
  • Offer dedicated time for you to ask questions and receive guidance on specific social media challenges you are facing.

By providing this guidance, we can help you optimize your social media presence, stay on track with your goals, and achieve success on social media.

Done-For-You Packages

This includes done-for-you social media services such as profile setup, content creation and scheduling, and analytics reporting.

We focus on one social media platform and target audience for the primary strategy and content creation. We offer cross-posting on up to three other networks. See our Power-ups for adding more social network or audience targets.

Monthly Strategy Consultation

All done-for-you packages include the monthly strategy consultations as detailed in the “Wizard’s Launchpad” package above.

Account Setup

We can set up or optimize your social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. We will configure up to four profiles with this package with similar branding assets. This might include creating profiles, headers, and cover images, and optimizing your profiles for search. We ask that you provide your branding assets and images.

Don’t have branding yet!? Let us know you are interested. We do that too!

Content Creation

We will create engaging social media content for you, including posts, images, and videos, and ensure that your social media profiles are consistently active and up to date.

Post content type and frequency vary per package. Pictures and video footage must be provided by you. If you are having trouble taking your own pictures and video, consider our “Influencer Marketing” Power-up for influencer-generated content. We can also help you find a photographer or videographer in your area.

Audience Engagement & Monitoring

We will help you engage with your audience by responding to messages and mentions. This is 100% organic – done by our sorcerers! The monthly time we engage varies per package. We first focus on the audience interacting with your posts, and then on outreach strategies which we agree upon during our monthly strategy consultation.

Stellar Starter

  • 12 photo posts (3 weekly)
  • 6 hours engagement
    (1.5 weekly)

Galactic Explorer

  • 12 photo posts (3 weekly)
  • 4 short-form videos monthly (1 weekly)   
  • 12 hours engagement
    (3 weekly)

Rocket Accelerator

  • 12 photo posts (3 weekly)
  • 16 short-form videos monthly (4 weekly)
  • 18 hours engagement
    (4.5 weekly)

We can also tailor a package that is custom to your marketing goals and budget. Contact us today.

All packages have a one-time $300 setup fee, which includes the competition and audience analysis, as well as initial profile setup and/or optimization.

Social Media Power-Ups

These are add-ons you may add to your “Stellar Starter” package. Please inquire for a quote.

Long-Form Video Editing

Have long-form video* you would like to post? We price this Power-up based off the number of videos you are looking to post monthly. A short-form video comes free with a long-form video.

* Long-form video is longer than one minute, typically filmed and edited at a 16:9 horizontal ratio. These are like your traditional YouTube videos.

* Short-form video is shorter than or equal to one minute, typically filmed and edited at a 9:16 vertical ratio. These are typically posted as TikToks, Reels, and Shorts.

YouTube Video Thumbnails

Are you in need of captivating YouTube video thumbnails that can increase your video views and clicks? Our service provides high-quality and visually appealing thumbnails that can grab your audience’s attention and make them want to watch your videos. By utilizing our service, you can enhance your YouTube channel’s image and improve your engagement rates. We offer a variety of thumbnail designs to choose from, tailored to match your video’s content and style. Let us help you take your YouTube channel to the next level with our professional and affordable thumbnail service.

Community Management

Need help posting to and managing a group or community – such as a Facebook group? Let’s talk.

Social Media Advertising

Let us manage your social media ads for you. We can work a strategy that will best work to accomplish your goals – such as enhanced engagement, brand awareness, traffic, and more.

Influencer Marketing

Are you looking for influencer-generated content and influencer promotion within your niche? We can help you find an influencer on your chosen social media platform with intelligent selection giving you the best ROI.

Yeah… We’ve Got Personal Experience

We have extensive experience with creating content for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and many other platforms. One of our own sorcerers built a business as a content creator and social media influencer in the healthy lifestyle and cooking vertical! See some of her stats below:

Instagram post examples

Clean Cooking with Caitlin Social Media Links

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